Realizing your compassionate ambition Musa Aamir TEDxLCWU

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is a question that all of us have encountered at some point in our life, yet we seldom give it much thought. However, when the speaker of this TEDx Talk, Musa Aamir, was asked this question, it made him re-evaluate his life ambition.

In this talk he addresses the existential question of human ambition. Musa opines that today’s capitalistic society has stripped human endeavors of compassion, hence leading to true poverty. Musa Aamir persuades us to find and pursue our compassionate ambition.

It starts with the realization that all hunger is nothing but a conflict with the truth. The truth that lies within me, within you and within all creation. The truth that has been obscured by our greed and apathy, leading to a hunger of needs for some and unending wants for most.

It requires struggle against the self for hunger can only be satiated to an extent, after that to eliminate it you just have to it let go. Let it go how? by embarking on a journey of return to our truth, where we unlearn to live for our self-involved passions and re-learn to live with compassion for others. Only by this can our collective hunger be finished.The task at hand is daunting. We are realistic enough to know that we can’t reach every hungry person every day, but we are optimistic enough to get up every day and try to achieve that end, to show compassion and help others do the same: for the lack of compassion is true poverty. It’s abundance is Rizq.